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Why work with us?

Ed and Kyle MuenznerWe service the local business community and get involved in the community by supporting local business associations and community events. We are committed to supporting and giving back to the local community through scholarship events, food drives, seminars, and various other events. We are an active member of Rose City BNI and Norwich Rotary.  When you do business with Muenzner Payroll Solutions, LLC you are doing business with a company that resides in, supports, and gives back to the local community.  Ask yourself this question, “Does my payroll company give back to the local community?”

Have your employees ever had a question on completing a W-4? When they do, who do they ask? Many times they have to ask their CPA, if they have one.  Muenzner Payroll Solutions, LLC is here to help you AND your employees. We are not just a payroll company; we are a payroll company with the support of a CPA firm. We are not here to replace your CPA firm, but are here to offer payroll services that your CPA firm may not offer.

We ask our small business owners, “When was your tax situation simplified? When was the last time you received an income tax refund?” Most of them tell us “When I was a W-2 employee.” What we are able to do is work with our business owners to adjust their payroll withholdings and minimize the tax burden they will face when they file their individual tax return. That is another one of the major benefits of having a payroll company that works hand-in-hand with a CPA firm for the benefit of the business owner.